Do you offer two photographers?

Yes, I hire photographers that are in the same position as me. They are owners of their own photography businesses and work for me on their available dates, as I do for them on my available dates.

Do you edit your images?

Yes.  All images on your will have color correction, exposure adjustments and contrast improvements. All album images and printed images will receive an additional level of photo finishing including blemish removal.

How many images can I expect from my wedding?

It all depends on length of your coverage, number of photographers, and the amount of details your wedding offers. As a rule of thumb you can expect 400+ on average between 800-1000 images.

How far out do I need to book you?

There is no set amount of time, first with the retainer paid secures me for their wedding date.  On average most couples book me 9-15 months in advance of their wedding day.  Inquire if your date is still available.

Do you offer albums?

Yes. I offer gorgeous handcrafted albums that blow my couples, their friends and their families away every time they receive their album.

Who selects the images for my album?

You do. I provide you with a worksheet that makes it easy for you. I then take your images and provide you a layout for your approval or changes.

How long does it take for my album to be made?

Once your album design is approved, you can expect your finished album delivered to you in about a month.

How soon will I get my pictures?

You can expect your images to be finished within 3-4 weeks.

Do you charge for travel?

Typically, I do not charge a travel fee. However in some circumstances I may, a general rule of thumb I use is if the wedding destination is out of a range of 90 minutes from me, or is in an area that has additional expenses such as parking, and tolls eg. NYC. A travel fee may be incurred. I would be happy to discuss if a travel fee applies.

What kind of equipment do you use?

I use Nikon Professional digital cameras and lenses. I use off camera flash, and studio lighting depending on what your day requires.  Everything has backups, most have backups to backups.

How do I reserve my wedding date?

It’s Simple. A contract, 3 signatures and a $1000 retainer. It doesn’t matter which collection you take.

Can I print from the Digital Download/Flash Drive?

Yes, you can print any size you like. However I recommend anything over 8×10 you return to me, the image gets an extra level of editing prior to printing.  Only through my printing can I guarantee you the quality of your prints.

Do you have other weddings you can show me?

Absolutely, I always find myself asking how much is enough to show? In my consultations I show at least 2 weddings in digital format, 2 weddings in album format, and a variety of images that match your day from other weddings.

Are you insured?

Absolutely. My liability insurance will meet or exceed any requirements your venue may have for vendors working on their site.